You can breathe a sigh of relief, the big push towards the April 15th tax deadline is over.  Now you’ll spend the next few weeks finishing taxes for clients who filed an extension.  Then, after taking a much deserved break for some rest and relaxation, what should you do next?

Right now is the perfect time to market your other services. After filing taxes, businesses learned what worked or didn’t work about their previous accounting solution. They have seen the numbers, and some business owners may have realized they need a financial overhaul and professional accounting help.

To take advantage of the post-tax season lull, consider employing some inexpensive methods for attracting new business.

Offer Referral Incentives
Consider offering your current clients a referral incentive such as a free service or a significant discount on future services. This not only gives incentive to refer friends and family your way, but it gives these clients another good reason to stay with you.

Tour the Small Business Circuit
Create a flyer that details your services and take a tour of the small business circuit with the flyer and multiple copies of your business card. Be informative and talk to small businesses about their taxes and how their finances turned out last year.
Write an Article or Column for the Local Newspaper
Your local paper is a good place to look for some publicity. Weekly circulars are always looking for pieces to fill their paper at a low cost. Volunteer to write an article that gives small business accounting advice. In exchange you’ll get a byline and bio that will drive readers to your business.

Become the Main Event
Consider presenting at conferences, creating a booth for local events, or teaching community classes in accounting or tax. All will give you great exposure, circulate your business card, and give people an idea of the kind of professional you are.

By spending a few hours a week marketing your business, you can build a client base that will keep you busy year round, not just during tax season.